[ic] Simple Options Matrix Options

kerry kerry at basicq.com
Fri Jan 16 19:11:10 UTC 2009

> On 01/16/2009 01:17 AM, kerry wrote:
>> Yes, I the options do show up for selection and the price differences is
>> correct. The options are not showing up in the email copy of the order.
>> When I go to reports online, the options are showing up in the customers
>> order. Once in the cart, the option information is gone, as it is on the
>> final receipt after the order is processed. This shows pretty much what
>> is
>> on the order that is emailed.
> I have a client who has the same problem.  When I find the solution I'll
> let you know.
> Peter
OK, I solved half the problem. I setup the Min Qty according to a solution
from another user and put the [batch] right before the [item-list]. The
problem was it was inside the if statement I think.
"[if items]
I moved it to above the [if items] statement and now the confirmation that
goes to the customer has the options information. The customer service
order copy does not.

(from another user)
[item-change 2][condition]2[/condition]
Step Two:

  In your shopping cart page (usually ord/basket.html
  or similar file), add a


  tag before the


 Now I need to see if the min qty still works and see if I can find the
differences in the two copies of the order.

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