[ic] Admin orders

drtester at netzero.net drtester at netzero.net
Wed Jan 21 03:25:16 UTC 2009

Hi Gang,

I have a user running IC that needs the ability to do a few "special" things for custom orders.  These orders will always be done by the office personnel, and can be limited to the Admin UI.

1. Needs the ability to add "miscellaneous" items to the order, where they will fill in the quantity, description, and price.  There are too many little things they might want to put in here to create separate SKUs.

2. Needs the ability to adjust the price charged for each SKU item.

3. Needs the ability to adjust the shipping of the total order.

I believe their cart is based on the IC 5.4 demo store.

All suggestions are welcome.  If someone here thinks they can easily make this happen, contact me off-list and we can talk money.


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