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Ok I have shell access and get to the point of running " perl Makefile.PL "
which runs a where do I want to install. Which I tell to install to
/home/content/b/a/n/bandreel/html/demo/interchange . I get a response back
saying "writing makefile" now what? I tried running make but get a error no
file exisits? is it making the file in
/home/content/b/a/n/bandreel/html/demo/interchange i see no such file
"make"??? I know this is prolly kids stuff to alot of you but if someone
would just help me here. I just need a push. Im reading all I can find but
not really finding installation basic. Its all written for someone who
allready has alot of the gaps filled in. I dont have those gaps. Please
someone help me.



After running perl Makefile.PL  a new file has been created called
'Makefile' . 


'make'  is a command that helps in (re)compiling the sources in a useful
application, which the would be tested by 'make test'  and installed by
'make install'.


If the command 'make' gives a response that the file does not exist it is
possible that you do not have the 'make' command available. 

Or the 'Makefile'  file has not been created . 


Check if the 'Makefile' exists:  ls -als Makefile  (on the same commandline
location as you ran perl Makefile.PL)

Check if 'make' exists perhaps via:  'which make'   or 'locate -r make$'  . 


If there is no 'make' program available it will not work to get Interchange
installed, you'd have to check with your ISP if you should have access to
that program and if so where it is located.


But looking at the huge learning curve you will have to get anything done
with Interchange, why would you actually want to use it, instead of looking
at something perhaps more easy to install and more suitable to your needs?





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