[ic] Setting up Interchange part 3

Davor Ocelic docelic at spinlocksolutions.com
Sat Jul 4 08:28:33 UTC 2009

On Fri, 3 Jul 2009 19:10:56 -0500
Scott Winterstein <ScottsDesk at azlecomputers.com> wrote:

> Ok I have shell access and get to the point of running " perl
> Makefile.PL " which runs a where do I want to install. Which I tell
> to install to /home/content/b/a/n/bandreel/html/demo/interchange . I
> get a response back saying "writing makefile" now what? I tried
> running make but get a error no file exisits? is it making the file in
> /home/content/b/a/n/bandreel/html/demo/interchange i see no such file
> "make"??? I know this is prolly kids stuff to alot of you but if
> someone would just help me here. I just need a push. Im reading all I
> can find but not really finding installation basic. Its all written
> for someone who allready has alot of the gaps filled in. I dont have
> those gaps. Please someone help me.

The script should have created file "Makefile", and I suppose it
did create it.

But it would be easier to help you if you would post the
exact error messages, not your interpretation of those.

From your unclear report, my guess is that the problem is not in
the Makefile file, but in the missing "make" command. You need to
install program called "make".

If you can do it, you'll be able to continue.


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