[ic] User created pages?

Marty Tennison marty at dripdepot.com
Mon Jul 6 21:56:19 UTC 2009

I was wondering....

What's the best approach to allowing (trusted) admin users to 
dynamically create pages that exist in the DB only?

I'm looking for a way to...

1) Fill out a form (one of fields holds the page URL)
2) Have that URL accessible through interchange. (example: 

This is for a FAQ section of our website and we add to it often.  So we 
are  looking for a way to  make it easy to add new FAQ pages with search 
engine friendly URL.

Right now I have a script that creates an actionmap with the URL as the 
action and I fire off a catalog reconfig after the DB update.  I'm 
wondering if there is a more elegant way to do this.

Any thoughts?

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