[ic] utf-8 enabled catalog cannot start

Raymond Cheng rayonnet at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 19 00:49:15 UTC 2009

Hello, everyone:
I received the following error for utf-8 enabled catalogs under perl 5.8.8-18.
Can't locate object method "SWASHGET" via package "Safe::Root0::utf8" (perhaps you forgot to load "Safe::Root0::utf8"?) at /usr/lib/interchange/lib/Vend/Interpolate.pm line 4373
I have enabled utf-8 by adding the following variables to catalog.cfg
Variable       MV_HTTP_CHARSET UTF-8
Variable       MV_UTF8 1
DatabaseDefault        MYSQL_ENABLE_UTF8 1
DatabaseDefault        GDBM_ENABLE_UTF8 1
any hints are appreciated. Thank  you.
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