[ic] Upgrade procedure

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Tue Jun 16 04:20:42 UTC 2009

On 06/15/2009 03:00 PM, Grant wrote:
>>>>>>> Database variable scalar parameter VARIABLE.TXT redefined to "TAB", was "TAB".
>>>>>> You have a duplicate Database line for your variable database.  check
>>>>>> your catalog.cfg and included files (including files in the dbconf
>>>>>> directory and subdirectories).
>>>>> You're right, I had variable.dbm in both dbconf/default_db and
>>>>> dbconf/mysql.  I noticed I also have identical access.dbm and
>>>>> mv_metadata.dbm files in those locations.  Does variable have special
>>>>> handling in this case?
>>>> Only the ones in the mysql directory should get pulled in.  Check your
>>>> catalog.cfg for an extra Database line for the variable file.
> I do have in catalog.cfg:
> VariableDatabase variable
> Does that refer specifically to dbconf/default_db/variable.dbm?  I'm
> afraid to remove the line to find out.

No, that's not the line.  Look further down at the "Database Setup"
section.  It should look like this (from foundation, standard demo is

ifdef MYSQL
DatabaseDefault NO_ASCII_INDEX 1
include dbconf/mysql/mysql.cfg

ifdef PGSQL
DatabaseDefault NO_ASCII_INDEX 1
include dbconf/pgsql/pgsql.cfg

ifdef ORACLE
DatabaseDefault NO_ASCII_INDEX 1
include dbconf/oracle/oracle.cfg

ifdef SQLITE
DatabaseDefault NO_ASCII_INDEX 1
include dbconf/sqlite/sqlite.cfg

# Default DBM if nothing else defined
include dbconf/default_db/default_db.cfg

So according to that you should have MYSQL set to a true value (1, yes,
whatever) in your variables.txt in order to run the MYSQL part of that
and slurp in mysql.cfg.  You should also *not* have PGSQL ORACLE or
SQLITE set to true values.  Then look at dbconf/mysql/mysql.cfg and make
sure there are no explicit references to anything in default_database
(or any directory other than dbconf/mysql).  Also there should be this
line at the bottom of the file:

That last line will prevent
the default_db.cfg file from being slurped in.  Somehow either the
default_db.cfg file is getting slurped in or you are including the
dbconf/default_db/variables.dbm file from somewhere else.


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