[ic] moving files to remote server, no root access

kerry at basicq.com kerry at basicq.com
Tue Jun 16 13:28:52 UTC 2009

I moved files from my test server at home to the remote server I am using
to host the cart I am building. I had added many new fields to pricing and
a couple to products. I can access the tables from admin on the remote
server but I cannot see the new fields in the tables. I changed
pricing.mysql, adding the new fields in the table. I then deleted
pricing.sql and logged off and back on. This was what I could find on the
mailing list for instructions. Another thing I found in admin
administration is that the mysql database listed is from my test server as
are the directory and catalog name, and server name. Not sure how these
populated on the transfer or import function I used. Is there anyway short
of restarting mysql to get the new fields to show in the database?


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