[ic] moving files to remote server, no root access

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue Jun 16 13:35:25 UTC 2009

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> Subject: [ic] moving files to remote server, no root access
> I moved files from my test server at home to the remote server I am
> using
> to host the cart I am building. I had added many new fields to pricing
> and
> a couple to products. I can access the tables from admin on the remote
> server but I cannot see the new fields in the tables. I changed
> pricing.mysql, adding the new fields in the table. I then deleted
> pricing.sql and logged off and back on. This was what I could find on
> the
> mailing list for instructions. Another thing I found in admin
> administration is that the mysql database listed is from my test server
> as
> are the directory and catalog name, and server name. Not sure how these
> populated on the transfer or import function I used. Is there anyway
> short
> of restarting mysql to get the new fields to show in the database?

Have you looked at your variables:

to make sure they are correct on the remote server?

Also what do you mean with 'logged off and back on' ?
Does that mean you restarted Interchange? 

Seeing other things that appear to be the same, again check your variables
(usually in products/variable.txt) to see if anything is on your local
server that should be changed to be used for the remote server.

What usually is done is the introduction of a products/site.txt  which
contains things such as the SQLDSN and other variables that are different on
production servers compared to staging / development servers. Then when you
deploy you skip the site.txt file.



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