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Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 18:35:56 UTC 2009

>>>>>>>> Database variable scalar parameter VARIABLE.TXT redefined to "TAB", was "TAB".
>>>>>>> You have a duplicate Database line for your variable database.  check
>>>>>>> your catalog.cfg and included files (including files in the dbconf
>>>>>>> directory and subdirectories).
>>>>>> You're right, I had variable.dbm in both dbconf/default_db and
>>>>>> dbconf/mysql.  I noticed I also have identical access.dbm and
>>>>>> mv_metadata.dbm files in those locations.  Does variable have special
>>>>>> handling in this case?
>>>>> Only the ones in the mysql directory should get pulled in.  Check your
>>>>> catalog.cfg for an extra Database line for the variable file.
>> I do have in catalog.cfg:
>> VariableDatabase variable
>> Does that refer specifically to dbconf/default_db/variable.dbm?  I'm
>> afraid to remove the line to find out.
> No, that's not the line.  Look further down at the "Database Setup"
> section.  It should look like this (from foundation, standard demo is
> different):
> ifdef MYSQL
> DatabaseDefault NO_ASCII_INDEX 1
> include dbconf/mysql/mysql.cfg
> endif
> ifdef PGSQL
> DatabaseDefault NO_ASCII_INDEX 1
> include dbconf/pgsql/pgsql.cfg
> endif
> ifdef ORACLE
> DatabaseDefault NO_ASCII_INDEX 1
> include dbconf/oracle/oracle.cfg
> endif
> ifdef SQLITE
> DatabaseDefault NO_ASCII_INDEX 1
> include dbconf/sqlite/sqlite.cfg
> endif
> # Default DBM if nothing else defined
> include dbconf/default_db/default_db.cfg
> endif
> So according to that you should have MYSQL set to a true value (1, yes,
> whatever) in your variables.txt in order to run the MYSQL part of that
> and slurp in mysql.cfg.  You should also *not* have PGSQL ORACLE or
> SQLITE set to true values.  Then look at dbconf/mysql/mysql.cfg and make
> sure there are no explicit references to anything in default_database
> (or any directory other than dbconf/mysql).  Also there should be this
> line at the bottom of the file:
> Variable SOME_DATABASE 1
> That last line will prevent
> the default_db.cfg file from being slurped in.  Somehow either the
> default_db.cfg file is getting slurped in or you are including the
> dbconf/default_db/variables.dbm file from somewhere else.

Right again, I had in catalog.cfg without a conditional:

include dbconf/default_db/default_db.cfg

Thanks a lot for your help.

- Grant

> Peter

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