[ic] CPU upgrade for IC server?

Steven Jenkins steven at endpoint.com
Wed Jun 17 13:19:25 UTC 2009

Grant wrote:
> I've optimized quite a bit.  These jobs are pretty mature now and just
> take some time when you put them all together.  Does this mean I'm
> alright on memory?
> Mem:   1028780k total,   709692k used,   319088k free,    55036k buffers

On a modern Unix system, a snapshot like this does not mean much because the 
operating system will allow physical RAM usage to get up to a certain point 
without doing any reclamation.

As Jon points out, checking for paging and swapping (either via the si/so fields 
in vmstat, or the -B option to sar) is a better measure as those will show you 
the rate of paging and swapping.  Be aware that if your system has heavy 
filesystem activity, you'll see paging, so that's not necessarily a problem. 
However, swapping (especially swapping out) is not good, and is normally a sign 
that you need more RAM.

Steven Jenkins
End Point Corporation

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