[ic] Call for testers

jojospace info at ebusiness-leidinger.de
Wed Jun 17 20:10:49 UTC 2009

Gert van der Spoel wrote:
> Ok I must have missed that one.
> I got the new tree and compiled .. make however tells me in several
> locations:
> server/inetmode.......Bareword "Encode::FB_CROAK" not allowed while "strict
> subs" in use at
> /data/opt/site/git/interchange-utf8/interchange/blib/lib/Vend/CharSet.pm
> line 67.

I got the same similar behavior last month ago.
With my newest production server and with IC Developer build from May
2009, FreeBSD stable version 7 and perl version 5.10.

I got the message

Bareword "Encode::FB_CROAK" not allowed while "strict subs"

after the workaround from


The perldelta (for the perl version 5.10) tell me

I think it's this issue discussed in perldelta:

         The "warnings" pragma doesn't load "Carp" anymore. That
         means that code that used "Carp" routines without having
         loaded it at compile time might need to be adjusted;
         typically, the following (faulty) code won't work
         anymore, and will require parentheses to be added after
         the function name:

             use warnings;
             require Carp;
             Carp::confess 'argh';

Without the workaround, I was not able to use the Spreadsheet page in UI
and got a SafeUntrap error messages in the IC error log file each time.
In such moment, I got a broken Spreadsheet page.

I have switched the Perl version back to 5.8.9 and IC back to 5.6,
because of my less time at this point (and to "reproduce" my developer

I have no clue, about the cause of the two different misbehaviors. But
it seems to me, anywhere is wrong or has a side effect with the newest
Carp routines in Perl (> 5.?.?), Safe and maybe with UTF8.

Maybe I am mistaken totally, but I have such kind of impression.

Sorry for my bad english!



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