[ic] Get ready, Restart! Do I use IC or what?

Treahy Treahy at MMaz.com
Sat Jun 20 01:38:29 UTC 2009

Hi All,

it's been years since I've developed with either MV 3 or IC 4 but I've 
got a project I'll be talking on in the next couple weeks, so I'm in a 
hurry to get up to speed. 

This may be an unfair question, but how is the state of IC today, 
functionality, dependability, and performance wise, and the overall 
forum collaboration? 

And how does it current rate against other alternatives? 

My primary 'must haves' include the ability for easy, self maintenance 
of products (including imagery, discounting structures, inventory on 
hand), product associations and recommendations, freight carrier pricing 
integration, and integration into credit card merchant clearinghouses.

Perhaps less important questions but still issues like threads, did they 
ever get fixed?

Anyway, I hope someone will humor me and we can dialog over the 
weekend.  Thanks again...

Barry Treahy

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