[ic] Call for testers

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Mon Jun 22 12:27:10 UTC 2009

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> > In the original, unpatched versions on David's tree (so the files
> > that are in the repository), things are actually going fine for
> > files such as ctry_lang.txt ... but not for locale.txt ...
> In my old tree I'd had a commit which updated the encodings in
> locale.txt; the issue IIRC was that each line would be in its own
> character encoding, so the file was really an amalgamation of
> individual lines in different encodings.  

I suppose you mean each line could contain multiple character encodings,

en_US  gr_GR         cz_CN
latin1  iso8859-7    gb2312

I can imagine this to be a complete conversion hell :)

And I also think that that should not be needed. If someone decides that the
time has come to use UTF8, then a prerequisite is that the .txt files are in
UTF8 ... If one needs suggestions how to convert them, those could be

> My commit updated the encoding of each line (and hence the whole 
> file) to UTF8.  I hadn't thought that this was a necessary action, 
> but it seems like it may be, so I'll go ahead and cherry-pick the 
> commit to my tree and push it out.

I'd be interested to see this patch yes. Perhaps this is not exactly needed
to be done, but it might explain why things break for locale.txt and not for
other .txt -> .gdbm files.



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