[ic] mulitable stores

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Tue Jun 23 11:37:33 UTC 2009

>I know you can run multiple stores on IC. But how
> do you configure so different domain goes to different stores or projects
> On is a store and other is going be an online menu for a restaurant.
> So each client can also login to there own admin area.

Set up the new domain on the server as you would for a typical website 
hosting account.
I usually also setup a mysql database for the new domain in readiness and 
note the user/password.

Run the makecat program and configure with paths relative to the new domain.

You might have to copy the vlink program from the cgi-bin of one of your 
other catalogs to the cgi-bin of the new domain and make sure it is owned by 
the new domain user. (or in some cases owned by the interchange user)

Check that makecat created the catalog files, html files, in the new hosting 
account and that it filled the database (assuming you installed using 
standard demo)

Also check that makecat added the domain to interchange.cfg

Make sure ownership of the catalog files etc are correct (compare permission 
with a functioning catalog) and then restart interchange.

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