[ic] Require should mean require

jojospace info at ebusiness-leidinger.de
Thu Jun 25 17:49:45 UTC 2009

Jon Jensen wrote:
> Folks,
> I don't believe I knew before that the "Require" global directive doesn't 
> actually raise a fatal error if the required module doesn't exist or fails 
> to load. Yet that is the case.
> To me this seems inconsistent, since the "Require" catalog directive is 
> fatal for that catalog if there's an error.
> I propose changing this, so that any missing modules will cause 
> Interchange to fail to start rather than causing only a warning which 
> isn't even seen on unattended restarts such as at reboot.
> This patch changes the behavior strictly for Require module:
> http://github.com/jonjensen/interchange/commit/7e3974960594da194b8f585e3e761322ef8df72f
> But I would like to discuss making all the Require types die on failure, 
> rather than just being warnings. It saves a lot of frustration to have 
> Interchange scream loudly when there's a problem instead of finding out 
> about it only later when things start to fail mysteriously.
> Please comment if you object to such a change.

"I never really understood the idea of just a warning ...".

Me too!

If it is necessary, it must be also there.

*"Here is my vote!"*



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