[ic] Table editor and form profiles

Jeff Boes jeff at endpoint.com
Thu Mar 12 14:33:37 UTC 2009

Sent this about a week ago, didn't see any response so I'm trying again. Is
there really no one on the list that has done anything with these before? I
can't be the first down this path ...

I am looking for guidance on the use of form profiles within the table editor.
Within the "admin/db_metaconfig.html" page, there's a space for "Form profile",
which by experimentation I determined could be filled with a standard form
profile (I'd really rather have this in an external profile, but I couldn't
figure out how to direct this to that). I've verified that the profile is
invoked, and that failures in the profile do cause the table editor to
re-display the row you were editing. However, there's no evidence that the field
error (or any other indicator) is displayed.

Jeffery Boes  <><
jeff at endpoint.com

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