[ic] Call for testers

David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Fri Mar 13 04:23:47 UTC 2009

>> I agree that they'd work better as directives.  I have a patch in the
>> ic-utf8 tree that handles verification/resolution of the
>> MV_HTTP_CHARSET variable (based on a suggestion on the list some time
>> ago).  We could presumably support both the variables and the
>> directives simultaneously for a while, prioritizing the directive if
>> it exists over the variable.
> I don't think these variables have been around that long (they were
> introduced towards the end of 5.5, iirc which would be last year).  I
> think it may be best to just nip them in the bud now and make a note  
> in
> the UPGRADE file.  This is one that I would want Mike's input on,  
> though
> as he may well feel differently.

They were introduced with the original UTF-8 path, IIRC.  I'm fine  
with a note in the UPGRADE file, but will defer to those who have been  
developing longer.

>> We could also make the database-specific
>> encodings directives as well, so-as-to hook into the save encoding
>> validation functionality.
> The database-specific encodings are already under the Database and
> DatabaseDefault directives which is where they belong, imo.

Sorry, I was referring to the PG_ENABLE_UTF8, MYSQL_ENABLE_UTF8, and  
GDBM_ENABLE_UTF8 variables.  I'll need to solidify what my thoughts on  
these were; I may be confusing them with something else.


David Christensen
End Point Corporation
david at endpoint.com

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