[ic] Call for testers

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri Mar 13 09:01:41 UTC 2009

On 03/13/2009 12:47 AM, Gert van der Spoel wrote:
>> Well, if all we wanted to do was log and continue then all that is
>> needed is to wrap a few lines of perl in an eval.  Unfortunately, we
>> also have to decide how to process the bad text that is causing the
>> problem since if we just leave it then (1) we will have large chunks of
>> text missing of the resulting page as a result and (2) it is likely to
>> fail again on the same string elsewhere.  I think we really need to do
>> something to sanitize the illegal characters (which may just be one or
>> two chars) out of the text, then we can log and continue.
> I think that 'log & continue'  is good enough. I do not think Interchange is
> responsible for sanitizing the garbage someone puts in. To prevent filling
> up the error log we could split the issue in a logError and logDebug
> notification where the logError entry is smaller with a hint to logDebug for
> more info.

We need to do something with the invalid characters, even if it's just
to remove them, otherwise we are no better off than simply leaving it
as-is and allowing the internal server error.


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