[ic] Verifone IPCharge

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Mar 20 19:22:51 UTC 2009

Quoting Richard Siddall (richard.siddall at elirion.net):
> Bill Carr wrote:
> > Thanks for the help. Here is a patch. This is working for me. I have  
> > also included a 'results_extra' option for getting options back from  
> > the payment processor.
> > 
> Is this necessary?  As far as I can tell, you can pass all the named 
> parameters you need with the existing plugin.

"All you need"? Which are those?

> Why bother with an opaque "extra" parameter?

Do they never expand and add features? If Business::OnlinePayment releases
a version or sub-module that adds a parameter, this means users could adapt
without hacking our core module. Isn't this a good thing?

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