[ic] Verifone IPCharge

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Mar 20 19:54:48 UTC 2009

Quoting Richard Siddall (richard.siddall at elirion.net):
> I'm only addressing the first part of the patch here.
> Of course, I might be missing something and misunderstanding what's 
> going on.
> I think the problem we're actually facing is a lack of examples for how 
> to use Vend::Payment::BusinessOnlinePayment.

Remember too, that the very nature of Business::OnlinePayment means
that you have the potential to be adding new parameters all the time, as you
add payment modules. You have to pass them along somehow.

Passing *all* of $opt along means a chance of conflict. So the mappable
extra parameters seems ideal to me. The alternative is hacking on
the module code all the time, which seems non-optimal to me.

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