[ic] displaying psd files

JT Justman jt at endpoint.com
Mon Mar 23 15:18:14 UTC 2009

kerry wrote:
> I dropped a table into the index file for more information on opening
> interchange. (5.6.1) In the table, I have images, descriptive text and a
> link to another html page that contains a psd image. I have the html page
> in the admin directory as that seems to be where interchange is looking
> for it. I tried to put the psd file in the image directory, but when I
> click on the link, I get a blank page. Is this the correct directory to
> store the psd file?

By PSD file do you mean a Photoshop image? Browsers don't natively
support that format; you want to export the image to GIF, PNG, or JPEG.
I believe the appropriate command to do that is File -> Save for Web.

Good luck,


jt at endpoint.com

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