[ic] userdb and mv_username question

Rick Bragg lists at gmnet.net
Wed Mar 25 16:31:03 UTC 2009


I am using the affiliate database and I set up a login page that works
fine. I am using the email login, so the "affiliate" column has "U0001"
and the email column is unique.  Again, all that works perfect.  I can
log in, create accounts, etc and everything is perfect.

However, when I use the following code, I get logged in fine, but there
is nothing in [value mv_username]!


[tmp username]lists at gmnet.net[/tmp]
[tmp password]12345678[/tmp]
logout: [userdb function=logout]<br>
login: [userdb function=login profile=affiliate username="[scratch username]" password="[scratch password]"]<br>
username = [value mv_username]<br>
session = [data session username]<br>
name = [value fname] [value lname]<br>

The result of the above is that I get logged in perfect, but [value
mv_username] is empty.  [value fname], [value lname] etc... are all set
fine. Also [data session username] is set fine.

Do I have to set [mv_username] after the login function?  I thought that
the login function would set this for me automatically along with fname
lname etc.

Any ideas?


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