[ic] Interchange source code migrated to Git

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Mon May 25 22:24:15 UTC 2009

Interchange community,

Tomorrow will be the ninth anniversary of the date when Mike Heins created 
the Interchange CVS repository to track source code. Nine years!

In coincidental honor of this anniversary I'm pleased to announce that the 
Interchange CVS repository has been imported into the Git distributed 
version control system (thanks to the excellent cvs2git program, part of 
cvs2svn), and we are now using Git to track changes and are retiring the 
CVS repository.

Instructions on accessing the new repository directly with a Git client, 
using Gitweb, and using our GitHub mirror, are here:


There are many good Git tutorials online, and you can get started at the 
official Git website:


I encourage serious Interchange users to check out GitHub. GitHub has 
become very popular and well-known in the larger Git community because it 
makes it easy for anyone to set up a free GitHub account, make a GitHub 
"fork" (personal working copy) of one of the Interchange repositories, and 
post changes there.

Then instead of having to send patches through email where they may get 
mangled and are harder to merge with other changes, you can post them to 
your GitHub fork. Then one of the Interchange core committers can simply 
pull down the changes and commit them. Or if your change isn't accepted 
for some reason, you've still got it in a public place where you can point 
other people to it, and you can continue to merge ongoing mainline 
Interchange development with your patch so it stays current.

For other projects GitHub has helped enable broader community 
contributions beyond just the core committers, and I hope it can do the 
same with Interchange. But that will only happen if you take a few minutes 
to contribute back improvements you make to Interchange!

You may also be interested in an artificially constructed repository of 
old MiniVend and Vend releases:


That's just for fun.

Please report your experiences with the new Git repository on the 
interchange-users list.


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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