[ic] Safe: Require issues or perl-vs-calc throwdown

Marty Tennison marty at dripdepot.com
Wed May 27 16:16:21 UTC 2009

Perl 5.8.8
IC 5.6.1

I'm getting an increasing number of errors in my error log related to 
'safe' and 'require'.  I've searched the mail list archives and it 
appears that others are experiencing a similar issue.  Here is an 
example of what I am seeing....

This does NOT work....  (in lib/UI/pages/include/Options/Matrix)

    $Scratch->{built_js} =~ s/_NEXT_[A-Z]+_//g;

This DOES work....

[perl global=1]
    $Scratch->{built_js} =~ s/_NEXT_[A-Z]+_//g;

The error generated is usually something like this.....

Safe: 'require' trapped by operation mask at (tag 'calc') line 20.

I'm experiencing other issues similar to this where I have to enclose 
certain blocks in perl rather than calc and the solution does not always 

Once again, I'm stumped.  I've tried everything from...

1) SafeUntrap  require  (and lots more)
2) to moving the code around the page...
3) upgrading, downgrading perl modules...

Has anyone ran into this and solved it? 


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Marty Tennison
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