[ic] Managing Database Structure Changes

Sam Batschelet sam at westbranchresort.com
Fri May 29 01:07:03 UTC 2009

On 5/28/09 4:22 AM, "Stefan Hornburg (Racke)" <racke at linuxia.de> wrote:

> Hello, Interchange enthusiasts!
> I'm currently in Ljubljana with Jure and we are thinking about new ways to
> create ecommerce sites with Interchange.
> We want introduce some new major Interchange features, like:
> * plugins for features like content management, reviews, coupons, etc.
> * building forms from the database and processing them through hooks
> * convenient way to deal with templates and components (no [control])
> * one user database for customers and shop owners, with simple permissions
> * get rid of [process] tag
> * and much more
This is defiantly what we need, UserTags will always be the ace in the hole
for development but there is something to be said for easy plug and play
functionality with general components.  This is a good vision Racke I am
excited to see where it goes.


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