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Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Sun May 31 13:56:59 UTC 2009

Quoting kerry at basicq.com (kerry at basicq.com):
> Hi I am in the process of creating another cart, for retail. I am building
> it on a local server and plan to move it to a remote server once I finish
> it. It is on 5.6.6, and I believe the remote version is 5.6. What is the
> best way to make the move as painless as possible? I have around 4,000
> items in the product table, lots of options, lots of price breaks. I have
> experienced problems with file corruption when using upload/download of
> the tables, so I am seeking a better way, if possible.

You should be able to just move the catalog directory over, make sure
the interchange.cfg and usertags in force are the same, do a mysqldump
or pg_dump of the database, adjust the URLs, and go.

Moving an IC catalog is designed to be easy. There is a script you
find in the admin

    Miscellaneous --> Backup Functions --> Create catalog tar file

that creates a tar file and a script that can reconstitute
the catalog on a remote server. You create the tar file, changing
any parameters (those will be in products/site.txt) and copy it
to the remote server. Assuming all has gone well, you create the
catalog directory, change to it and untar the file there, run
the restore script with xfer/restore.sh, and you have a catalog.

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