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kerry at basicq.com kerry at basicq.com
Sun May 31 16:20:29 UTC 2009

Correct, no root access. I cna use the tar backup Mike mentioned and get
it loaded to my access area on the remote site. Maybe I can get the remote
owner to take it from there. Same with the mysqldump file. Thanks for the
replies. I kinda thought the tar backup could be used, but was not 100%

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>> Hi I am in the process of creating another cart, for retail. I am
>> building
>> it on a local server and plan to move it to a remote server once I
>> finish
>> it. It is on 5.6.6, and I believe the remote version is 5.6. What is
>> the
>> best way to make the move as painless as possible? I have around 4,000
>> items in the product table, lots of options, lots of price breaks. I
>> have
>> experienced problems with file corruption when using upload/download of
>> the tables, so I am seeking a better way, if possible.
>> Thanks,
> I assume you do not have commandline/root access to the server?
> CU,
> Gert
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