[ic] makecat problems with the latest release

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Sun Nov 8 08:26:50 UTC 2009

> I'm trying to set up my first catalog on a linux box (ubuntu 9.10 &
Postgresql 8.4) using the latest release (5.6.2) and face few problems. I
run makecat as sudo. Have already a postgresql user as well as a DB created
in order to avoid the problems I get when the script tries to run
'createdb'. Everything goes smoothly trough and no errors show up but no
tables get created in the DB!
> As a result when try to run the proposed 'su -c "/.../bin/interchange -r"
interchange_user I get a list of errors due to the missing tables:
> ----------------------------------
> Low traffic settings.
> Calling UI......UI is loaded...
> Interchange V5.6.2
> Running with old signals.
> Configuring catalog first...Using PostgreSQL,
DSN=dbi:Pg:dbname=shop...table 'tree' failed: connect to dbi:Pg:dbname=shop
failed (create) -- FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "shop"
> etc. etc.
> ----------------------------------
> what did I wring?
> Thanks
> Tony

At first glance it appears to me as if your user has not been set up
correctly to be able to fill the database for your shop 
 have you tried
with the credentials you put to get into the database and create tables etc
via the commandline?


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