[ic] Weekly IRC Meeting today / tomorrow

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Sep 2 22:12:26 UTC 2009

> The last version of PaypalExpress (1.0.5) fixed a problem with Canadian
> province names - basically Paypal will send variants that were previously
> unexpected and this takes care of the variants. In the near future I'm 
> going
> to have to add in recurring/subscription billing (and Giropay) but I'm 
> happy
> for this version to go in the distro for now.
> Having just read the meeting log, I should add that the Sagepay module is
> pretty well fixed, unless they make a major change to the API, so I'm 
> happy for
> that to go in.
> The GoogleCheckout module really should have an update for dynamic tax and
> shipping calcs, but as Google have abandoned it and punters don't seem 
> that
> keen on using it I can't see this work racing up the TODO list any time 
> soon.
> But put it in anyway.
> Some time in the near future I should have both Moneybookers and Chronopay 
> to
> give you as well (and maybe one or two others).
> Cheers
> Lyn

Yes, that's right... I am using (1.0.5) the version with the Canadian 
province name corrections, haven't had any Paypal Canadian issues since this 


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