[ic] SagePay module update

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Thu Sep 10 10:06:36 UTC 2009

On Thursday 10 September 2009 10:56:31 Stefan Hornburg wrote:
> > An updated version of the Sagepay module is available on
> > http://kiwi.zolotek.net which handles things to suit both Sagepay and The
> > Third Man. Anyone using this module should update to this version.
> What is the relationshop of Sagepay to the Protx2 module? Does Sagepay
> supersede Protx2?

Definitely - Protx2 was only ever an interim release while Protx changed their 
API and straightened other stuff out. The company Protx was bought by Sage and 
the gateway renamed to SagePay, so the URLs have changed as well. 


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