[ic] Run javascript with country_select.widget

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Mon Sep 14 19:10:59 UTC 2009

On Mon, 14 Sep 2009, Josh Lavin wrote:

> I made a change to the country_select widget, so you can run Javascript, 
> like the check_tax routine:
> Adds state_js option, so Javascript can be passed to the onChange event. 
> Rewrites "this.form" with "$v_formv" so it will work when passed. Useful 
> for calling check_tax like so: state_js="check_tax(this.form)".
> http://github.com/jlavin/interchange/commit/76eda3c78f384bf36108e0a39fa1729ddc3d53b6

That sounds useful.

Substituting JavaScript code will always be inexact, but I wonder if we 
could somewhat improve this:

     $state_js =~ s|this\.form|$v_formv|g;

by changing it to this:

     $state_js =~ s|\bthis\.form\b|$v_formv|g;

Could we also have the ; here after this.value be appended in $state_js 
instead of always?

-    var str = '<select name="$svar_in" onChange="$v_formv.$svar.value = this.value">';
+    var str = '<select name="$svar_in" onChange="$v_formv.$svar.value = this.value;$state_js">';


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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