[ic] Get ActionMap to search 2 fields?

IC ic at tvcables.co.uk
Wed Sep 23 13:58:06 UTC 2009

> The problem is you're using a coordinated and search for inactive and
> prod_group and trying to combine it with an or search for category2 or
> category.  Interchange is not able to do this the way you want.
> Peter

Thanks Peter, I have now had to modify the actionmap for a non-coordinated

    $CGI->{mv_coordinate} = 'no';
    $CGI->{mv_substring_match} = 'yes';
    $CGI->{mv_search_file} = 'products';
    $CGI->{mv_return_fields} = 'sku,sale_price';
    $CGI->{mv_search_field} = "category,category2";
    $CGI->{mv_searchspec} = "$category";   
    $CGI->{mv_column_op} = "rm";

This works but shows inactive products, to get around this I have had to
modify the results page with:-

[if-item-field inactive != 1]

Display product...


Which again works ok, anyone have a better solution?


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