[ic] Next IRC meeting

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Thu Sep 24 11:07:47 UTC 2009

Peter wrote:
> On Tuesday, September 29th, the next Interchange meeting is scheduled to
> take place on #interchange IRC channel at chat.freenode.net.
> Among the main topics we expect to discuss are:
> * Review of the recent release, bug reports, etc.
> 	We just did a release on all current branches.  How did it go and what
> bugs, if any, came up that still need to be addressed?
> * Remaining UTF-8 issues that have to be dealt with before we release 5.8.
> 	The main blocker to an IC 5.8 release is a few UTF-8 issues, imo.  We
> should discuss which of these bugs still needs resolving and try to get
> them hashed out right away, or assigned to be resolved.
> * Requirements for a 5.8 release.
> 	What else needs to be done before we can get 5.8 out the door?
> * PerlAlwaysGlobal and PerlNoStrict directives.
> 	I wasn't even aware these existed until Stefan pointed them out just
> now.  Apparently they were workarounds for issues that no longer exist
> and they are completely undocumented (as far as I can tell).  Can we get
> rid of them?  This may be more appropriate to just discuss on the
> mailing list.

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