[ic] UTF-8 vs. PerlAlwaysGlobal/PerlNoStrict (was:Next IRC meeting)

Friedrich Strohmaier listen_div at bits-fritz.de
Thu Sep 24 20:25:40 UTC 2009

Hi Stefan, *,

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) schrieb:

>Peter wrote:
>> On 09/24/2009 04:07 AM, Stefan Hornburg wrote:

>>> --snip--
>>> * Allow catalogs to be set to have Perl always global by default.
>>>       AllowGlobal        catname
>>>       PerlAlwaysGlobal   catname
>>>     This is a global directive (i.e. interchange.cfg).
>>>     [perl global=0] will still be honored, i.e. that will be
>>> interpreted by Safe.
>>>   * Allow catalogs to turn off "strict" in global mode by default:
>>>       PerlNoStrict       catname
>>>     This is a global directive (i.e. interchange.cfg).
>>>   This is intended as an easy way to allow catalogs to work all
>>> right with Vend::Charset. Sad, but can't think of any better way
>>> short of maintaining our own version of the UTF8 modules. It is
>>> really sad, because the Perl powers that be have totally abandoned
>>> Opcode and Safe.
>>> --snap--
>>> Please comment. I'm in favour of removing these directives.
You asked for it ;o))

>> Are the issues these were intended to work around now resolved?

>No, not all of them (Encode::Alias). But you can switch off UTF8
>completely in your Interchange, so why keep them?

For it's less work to drop the switches when utf-8 work is done by the
gurus, than to change everything (i.e.  database) from ISOxxx to utf-8
for the novices. UTF-8 is the answer to get the world in touch.  I would
rather encourage people to setup new things in utf-8 than point them the
way to change things in near future. 

We have the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea here.
novice interchange community consultant ;o))
best regards from 
Melchingen / Germany

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