[ic] Premature end of script headers

Marko Kuzio marko.kuzio at kochan.de
Fri Sep 25 15:02:50 UTC 2009

Hi list,

when calling the checkout process, or calling the receipt process
I get an 500 internal server error:

Premature end of script headers: example_catalog, referer:

Unfortunately this is the only trace found in my apache error_log,
in the catalog's error_log there's no trace of this error.

Additionally this error occurs sporadically only. Out of 100 orders
around 20 orders are running into this error.
The confirmation mails are sent successfully in any case, just like the
checkouts. Is there a way to find out what are the causes of the 500
error or what means the error stated above?

version: interchange-5.4.1
per version:  v5.8.8
db postgres  psql 8.1.3 (server 8.1.4)


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