[ic] Catch database down

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Mon Sep 28 18:21:07 UTC 2009

Marco wrote:
> [try label=dbdown]
>    [query
>      type=list
>      st=db
>      table=my_ic_table
>      sql=|SELECT COUNT(*) AS n FROM my_db_table;|]
>      [list][sql-param n][/list]
>    [/query]
> [/try]
> [catch label=dbdown]
>    [/table my_ic_table connect failed/]
>      my_db_table non connected, database down ?
>    [/table my_ic_table connect failed/]
> [/catch]
> On database down i get: 'Internal Server Error' without catching.

I tried to reproduce this and found that catching work, but probably some
other part of your code crashes due to missing database connection.

Check your global error log for the exact error message.


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