[ic] New guide for setting up a Centos / RHEL 5 server and installing Interchange

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sun Feb 28 04:36:32 UTC 2010

On 28/02/10 15:31, Steve Graham wrote:
>>> The icdevgroup demo does not give this error,  but I have not made
>>> any changes to the demo, so not sure what the difference might be.
>>                                 TYPE=hidden
>>                                 NAME=mv_column_op
>>                                 VALUE="[if module-version
>> Text::Query]aq[else]rm[/else][/if]"
>>                         >
>> The icdevgroup.org server doesn't have this module installed.
>> Regards
>> Racke
> Not sure where you copied that from.

peter at peter-desktop:~/interchange$ grep -rF '[if module-version
Text::Query]aq' *
dist/standard/templates/components/search_box_small:				VALUE="[if
module-version Text::Query]aq[else]rm[/else][/if]"

> Here is an empty 5.7.4 standard demo:
> I haven't changed anything on it yet - you can review the contents of
> search_box_small on the main page.
> I have built two different 5.7.4 installs with rackspace, and a more
> recently a 5.7.5 on my own hardware and all show this issue.
> I could list a few from the Hall of fames pages as well.
> Must be some minor setting difference somewhere - I'm still looking...

What Stefan is saying is that the complaint is coming from a module
which is not installed on the demo servers.  Because the module is not
there the line above skips the code that uses the module and hence the
demo doesn't complain.  There is no difference other than the fact that
you have the Text::Query module installed and the icdevgroup demo server
does not.

So basically, even though the icdevgroup demo doesn't show this error it
is still an issue with the standard demo and you're welcome to submit a
patch for it if you want.


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