[ic] Discount of x% on >2 items

Mark Johnson mark at endpoint.com
Sun Jan 17 21:36:41 UTC 2010

On 01/17/2010 03:36 PM, Grant wrote:
>>> If you're looking for the test within item-based discounts:
>>> [discount sku|ALL_ITEMS] @$Items > 2 ? $s * (100 - x)/100 : $s [/discount]
>> Bah. Clearly I was too tired to reply last night:
>> [discount sku|ALL_ITEMS] $Tag->nitems > 2 ? $s * (100 - x)/100 : $s
>> [/discount]
>> Thanks,
>> Mark
> Thanks everyone.  The above looks pretty slick.  Before I saw it I
> came up with something else that is working for me.
> Does there exist anything along the lines of
> [subtotal-before-discount] or [discount-amount]?

I haven't tested this, but looking at the tag definition, you might be
able to trick [subtotal] into giving you the full subtotal by passing it
a bogus discount space. It's worth a shot given its simplicity.

Pick a name that you know isn't used for a valid discount space (likely
any will do since you're probably only using the default one) and pass
it to [subtotal]. E.g.:

[subtotal discount_space="Tricky,tricky"]

If you try it, post the result and let me know.


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