[ic] Urgent Locale questions

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 22 06:23:57 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a multiple language site, and I've got no hair left!

I'm running ic 5.6 with the default <catroot>/dbconf/locales/default.cfg,
with the xx_YY.cfg file for each language, which includes :

Variable CURLOCALE xx_YY
include dbconf/locales/default.cfg

I have configured my locale table with this to test with xx_YY only for now:
ProductFiles    products                products_xx_YY
products                de_products     products_xx_YY

variable.txt has this:
DEFAULT_LOCALE  en_US   Internationalization
LOCALES xx_YY yy_ZZ aa_BB       Internationalization

I've created the ./products/products_xx_YY.txt and the
With the fields I see that are MAPped in default.cfg, on reconfig, my table
loaded ok with one item to test.

On the front-end, I view the product from the products_xx_YY language
(title, desc, comment) but all 
Other fields that are present in products.txt and that are not in
products_xx_YY.txt don't show. I thought 
that they would fallback to products.txt if absent or empty.

I'll also have to do the categories, prod_group, AND (variants?!?).

I'm now very puzzled with the following 4 questions:

-- When using a non default locale, does IC fetch ALL fields from
products.txt and then 
replace the ones that are mapped only, in the default.cfg? Or do I need 100%
of the 
columns in my locale products_xx_YY files?

-- For cat and prod_group, do I have to create cat_xx_YY and
prod_group_xx_YY also the 
same as I did for the products?

-- I see the options mapped in default.cfg, do I have to map the variants
also to 
be able to localize variants?

-- All together, once everything will be working, does the MAP in the
default.cfg instruct 
IC to populate all locale files (products_xx_YY.txt, options_xx_YY.txt,
variants_xx_YY.txt ?   )
when creating a new product? Or do these files have to be done

I propose to write the full manual on this once I get it straight, seems to
be lacking a 
good How-To on this subject.

Thanks in advance for your help, I'm desperate to figure this out

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