[ic] Creating a new admin user

Samuel Mullen samuel at phalanxit.com
Thu Jul 22 03:43:26 UTC 2010

Right, so I found the file and added an entry with a Ruby library and
everything works.

Thanks anyway,

On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 10:33 PM, Samuel Mullen <samuel at phalanxit.com>wrote:

> I've been tasked with figuring out how to add a user to a company's
> interchange application. I've tried going through the interface itself, but
> that errors out; many pages do. I did manage to find a page which listed
> "hidden" tables; one of those was named "access". After much searching - the
> system is a mess - I'm concluding that this is a dbm database and not a
> MySQL table. It looks like it might be a file named access.gdbm
> If someone can clue me in to how Interchange stores this sort of
> information, that'd be great. I think I can figure out how to access the
> database through dbm. I'm hoping the passwords are just unix crypted.
> I know this is pretty bare information, but it's really all I have to go
> on. Many pages don't work and I'm just trying the keep the system in place
> until my clients can replace it.
> Thanks,
> Samuel
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