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Kerry Blalock kerry at basicq.com
Fri Jun 4 14:57:37 UTC 2010

On 05/28/2010 09:58 AM, Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting Kerry Blalock (kerry at basicq.com):
>> I am using the standard store on version 5.6. I am trying to add a
>> shipping method for items over the UPS size limit of 108 inches in
>> length. If I add a size field in the product table and populate with the
>> width of these items, is it possible to use the admin shipping without
>> getting into much programming? Can size be added to the "calculate based
>> on this criteria" dropdown? (and in the Calculate based on this algorithm)
>> If over size=108, charge $65 is basically what I am needing. Also need
>> it to use this method only if the size is greater than 108".
>> My standard shipping is setup to charge a flat rate for orders under
>> $100, and free for orders over $100.
>> Somehow, I need an "except when over 108".
> The typical way is to write a UserTag that scans the cart and determines
> the weight of the items and returns it. If the 108" condition comes up,
> you can return zero and handle the exception by 1) going to another
> mode with >> ala the upsg_or_free mode in the demo, or 2) telling the
> customer that shipping will be manually set up via email or phone when
> the cost is zero.
Forgot to include the code from racke:

crit [calcn]if (grep {$_->{width} >= 108} @$Items) {return 0}
else {return 'weight'};[/calcn]

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