[ic] PCI Compliance

NEST @ Yahoo nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Sat Jun 19 01:33:04 UTC 2010

>> In order to become PCI Compliant we had to turn off telnet and only leave
ssh on, which is causing problems during the "make test".  Now four out of
>> the six test during the running of "make test" come back as NOT O.K. it
says that that is o.k. but one wonders.  Is there anyway to fix this?
> I don't think your disabling telnet has anything to do with Interchange's
"make test" failing. Most of us haven't run telnetd on our servers for 10+
>  and the tests work fine.
> What else did you change around the same time? Did you set up any firewall
rules? Change or enable SELinux or AppArmor? Etc.

Hi Jon,
I am still trying to find out any changes in the firewall or the changes to
the programs you mentioned.  The one major change that did happen was an
upgrade from Debian Etch to Debian Lenny.  I did not see any infos on that
that could cause an issue but is there any thought that the CPAN modules you
have to be recompiled and installed?  Is that something that could cause
that kind of problem?  If it was just the error messages during the make
test I could live with that, but the concern for me is that I am having
problems installing a new catalog.  I sets up the catalog o.k. but when I
restart the IC it says that IC can not be stopped.  So I put the previously
installed and back-up version back in and the system works.  But I would
like to set up a new catalog and for the system to run as designed.  Any




Hi Kyle,

Did you check your error logs (catalog, IC and OS)? Did you check that the
"stop" uses the proper PID?

Telnet definitely would have nothing to do with this. You can safely forget
about that.

Having SELinux/AppArmor enabled would definitely cause issues if you didn't 
Configure it adequately. Try turning it off/disabled to see it all works OK
or not.

With safety off, firewall off, if it fails, check your logs and post the
errors on here.

Martin H.
N.E.S.T. Solutions

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