[ic] Click Golf

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Tue Mar 9 08:23:28 UTC 2010

Paul Street wrote:
> We have recently taken over the www.clickgolf.co.uk 
> <http://www.clickgolf.co.uk/> website and need to find someone who can 
> help us with some technical issues with the platform/software. We are 
> running on version Interchange 5.2.0 which I understand is fairly old 
> now and not many people are still running it.
> If you have any suggestions of who might help us please do let me know.

For professional support you may contact one of the companies listed
on our web page:


Also, please use the interchange-biz mailing list for commerical requests.


LinuXia Systems => http://www.linuxia.de/
Expert Interchange Consulting and System Administration
ICDEVGROUP => http://www.icdevgroup.org/
Interchange Development Team

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