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David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Thu May 13 13:35:09 UTC 2010

On May 13, 2010, at 6:28 AM, Peter wrote:

> On 13/05/10 20:02, Stefan Hornburg (Racke) wrote:
>> On 05/12/2010 04:51 PM, Jon Jensen wrote:
>>> On Wed, 12 May 2010, Stefan Hornburg (Racke) wrote:
>>>> we are working on getting a site properly HTML validated. One of the
>>>> problems are menus or categories from the database containing an
>>>> ampersand like Dungeons & Dragons.
>>>> I wrote the following filter for this and the other HTML special
>>>> entities:
>>> Isn't that what the encode_entities filter is for?
>> This filter encodes way too much.
> Perhaps, but how many different filters should we have that encode
> entities?  The next person who comes along may want to code a different
> set of characters maybe, then we have three encode entity filters?
> How about modifying the existing filter so that you can pass a custom
> list of characters to encode instead?

Perhaps an argument specifying sets would be useful, too; i.e., basic/all for the proposed/current escapes, and then we have the option to define more sets as we see fit.


[encode_entities basic]<foo bar="baz">naïve</foo>[/encode_entities] will leave "naïve" alone.

Some of the issues with using encode_entities can be seen when using multibyte chars without MV_UTF8 set; it'll encode each octet of the char separately, which will not be what the desired output is.  Is this kind of situation what triggered this change?


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