[ic] Shopping Cart Question...

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sat May 22 04:37:13 UTC 2010

On 22/05/10 16:20, Rick Bragg wrote:
> Before you dive into coding, one thing to think about here is if you
> want these to be trackable in some way (i.e. inventory) or not.  If so,
> you should think about using variants table, if not then simple options
> would do the trick.  For example, I have a site "www.freeridesports.com"
> and the items in the complete bikes category i.e.
> "http://www.freeridesports.com/department/FXBICO.html" are variants.
> (matrix items) where the matrix base item (product) is not directly
> ordered.  This way each variant can be tracked via inventory etc.  I
> think this is the way you want to go.  An example of using simple
> "options" would be if something is totally not tracked.   i.e. order
> item XYZ coffee bean and for an additional $# we can grind it super
> fine. 
> That said, I would take a look at using variants for the item and make
> the "package" into a matrix base and the only thing they can order
> should be the variants.  This way each variant could be tracked to a
> particular coach or whatever.

Simple options are much easier to set up and can always be converted to
Matrix options if the situation calls for it.  Also Matrix options was
horribly broken in 5.0 and so an upgrade would be required before using
them (upgrade recommended anyways, though for reasons already stated).


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