[ic] Email tag crash while sending two attachments

Jan van Dijk j.vandijk at attema.nl
Sun Nov 14 22:16:41 UTC 2010

Dear all,
Adding a single attachment using the cgi tag works fine, adding multiple attachments using fixed filenames works fine also, 
but adding multiple attachments using the cgi tag results in a Runtime error: upload/[cgi ui_upload_filename1]: not readable.
    to=|foo at bar.com|
    subject=|Email with attachment|
    attach="upload/[cgi ui_upload_filename]"
]This email has an attachment.(works fine)[/email]
    to="foo <foo at bar.com>"
    subject="Email with attachments"
]This email has two attachments.(works fine)[/email]
    to="foo <foo at bar.com>"
    subject="Email with attachments"
    attach.0="upload/[cgi ui_upload_filename1]"
    attach.1="upload/[cgi ui_upload_filename2]"
]This email has two attachments.(crashes)[/email]
Met vriendelijke groet,

Jan van Dijk
j.vandijk at attema.nl
B.V. Kunststoffenindustrie Attema
tel : 0183-650650 tst 674
fax: 0183-650751

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