[ic] Filter doesn't interpolate by default? Wha...?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Sat Nov 27 15:25:58 UTC 2010

?> From: Peter
> On 27/11/10 18:29, Paul Jordan wrote:
> >> >>> I am having a difficult time imagining a situation when one would 
> >> >>> use
> >> >>> [filter foo][/filter] without some sort of ITL tag in-between them.
> >
> > Yeah, me too. I would hit a wall and end up using sql-filter, or the
> > filter param on cgi, etc. However, I didn't know it worked with
> > [scratch]. I looked a little bit in the docs, but I think I assumed that
> > if it worked on [scratch] I would have remembered.
> You do know you can use [filter op=foo interpolate=1]...[/filter] right?

C'mon now, is that really what you think of me?  ;-)

I was only commenting on how backwards those attributes seem - most, if not 
all other tags default interpolate=yes, reparse=no. Because of that, and 
seeing how obvious an ITL tag belongs between those tags, your *last* 
assumption is that it needs interpolate=1 there. I'd always think I am 
mistyping, using it wrong, or missing a filter before thinking I would need 
interpolate=1. It was only till I looked at the defaults in the docs the 
other day that I thought, "How strange".


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