[ic] Can IC always look in ~/pages/?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 06:08:27 UTC 2010

>>> It should (but don't quote me on this) still work to rewrite the page to
>>> /process.html, but you need to do it in an actionmap or missing
>>> specialsub, not from an autoload.  Actionmap and missing specialsub have
>>> the advantage that they fire off before autoload (I think, again don't
>>> quote me on this) and you can modify the passed path and return it for
>>> IC to re-parse as the page name.  If it sees "process" returned from one
>>> of these it should treat it as a process page and continue on as
>>> expected.
>> No, Autoload comes first. If you are rewriting the URL in Autoload and
>> intend to
>> trigger an ActionMap, set $Vend::FinalPath in Autoload, e.g. with the
>> following tag:
>> UserTag mangle_path Order path
>> UserTag mangle_path Routine <<EOR
>> sub {
>>     my $path = shift;
>>     $Vend::FinalPath = $path;
>> }
>> EOR
> Good suggestion. However, I've done it in a missing spcialsub and it has
> worked fine for me.
> Peter

Did you set $Vend::FinalPath in the missing SpecialSub?  I'm wondering
if there's another method.

- Grant

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