[ic] log_transaction question

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Oct 7 16:52:12 UTC 2010

> Sorry, I really haven't been following this close, but I see the following 
> in my log_transaction:
> [if value mv_payment_mode eq purchase_order]
> set credit_limit: [seti credit_limit][data
>                 table=userdb
>                 col=credit_limit
>                 key="[data session username]"
>                 value="-[scratch total_cost]"
>                 increment=1
>         ][/seti]
> [/if]
> We implement the purchase order option in IC along with credit limits - what 
> are you trying to do?
> Steve 

I'm still fighting with this seemingly simple issue. My goal is to set
the database field transactions.paid to a value of 1 anytime an order is
placed by purchase order.

Ive tried both

paid: [if value mv_payment eq 'purchase_order']1[/if]


paid: [if value mv_payment_mode eq purchase_order]1[/if]

as suggested by others but still no luck.

Now that I think about it, I'd like to have this field set to 1 for any
payment method other than credit card. Would this have any hope of working:

paid: [if value mv_payment !=~ /credit.*card/i]1[/if]

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